CheatingSpouses was founded in 2017 by Dr. Brandon Davis, a relationship and marriage counselor, Psy.D. in counseling psychology. The platform was designed to help males and females to deal with “post cheating” syndrome. The latter is about depression, insecurity and, as a result, the inability to start a new relationship with a new partner.

Later on, he realized that technologies amplified challenges romantic partners face on a daily basis. For example, it’s easier to play around, hook up or flirt nowadays and not to be caught meantime. This is not considered as a cheating but leads to it. Where does it all start? Is it possible to prevent cheating and stop relationships before being too much into it in a way that breakup costs you sanity and sometimes health?

The site answers the questions that every cheated person asks and offers some technological assistance on partners’ journey to reliable relationships. This site might be helpful if you think:

  • You deserve to be honest with
  • You deserve to have transparent relationships
  • You deserve to know the truth
  • You want to get back self-respect and self- worth after failed relationships
  • You want to bring joy to your new relationships and stop worrying about another potential ex
  • You don’t want to waste your time for someone cheating
  • You don’t deserve your dignity to be compromised
  • You want to be confident about your future
  • You don’t want to make the same mistakes
  • You simply deserve better…


To tackle a sore subject of cheating in a helpful, insightful way so that everybody who’s ever faced it could find a convenient solution for their particular situation. The site is focused on:

  • Providing psychological estimation of the phenomenon
  • Sex differentiation
  • Causes and effects
  • Experts and psychology practitioners’ opinions
  • Case studies

              – and how technology can help out in every single situation a partner, a couple encounter.

The latter is totally a new approach offered by Dr. Brandon Davis and his team.


Dr. Brandon Davis has united a group of professionals in the domain of relationship psychology, such as practitioners in the field, publishing counselors, sexologists, behaviorists, data analysts, etc. to provide the expertise to couples and namely partners who struggle with different issues during their relationships.


As the Institute for Family Studies affirms,

millennial females have higher affairs rates than millennium males. The Infidelity Statistics of America reports that when asked “Did your wife or husband ever played away,” 58% of men and 65% of women breathed yes.

The site does not outline people by sex, saying that men cheat more than women or vice versa. The phenomenon tends to be popular among both sexes. Here everyone can find some useful wisdom to sort things out in their relationships or after them. However, you’ll find it super helpful, if you are:

  • A wife or a husband who’s struggling in their current relationships
  • A man or woman whose heart was broken and you cannot start a new partnership
  • A single who’s ready to mingle but has fears to be cheated on
  • A committed cheater and want to get rid of it
  • A person who attracts only cheaters and want to break a vicious circle
  • Or, someone who’s obsessed with the idea of cheating and wants to explore more…

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