How to Catch Husband Cheating On Phone: Smart Ways That Work Successfull

Are you suspicious of your husband cheating on phone? Infidelity is caused by varied motives and behaviors. While some enter into an affair mainly due to emotional reasons, others are sex-based. And there are some affairs that take place purely online and some that occur as real liaisons. Even if there has been a marked shift in how relationships are viewed, individuals all over the world are continuing to stray from their partners.

If you suspect your husband is cheating on you, there are signs that can help identify and methods that can help catch him red-handed. With smartphones being loaded with advanced technology, it is now easier to catch a cheating husband/boyfriend on phone.

This article is a result of numerous surveys, researches, and discussions with psychologists and various other related professionals. Read on to know how you can deal effectively when you catch your spouse cheating on phone.

Infidelity: Surprising Stats on Cheating

Over the years, there has been plenty of research done by relationship experts and psychologists on infidelity. Infidelity differs in perspective based on the individuals involved. Here are some surprising but true stats on infidelity, which will give you some insight into why your partner is cheating on you.

An American Sociological Review study done in 2015 reveals that partners who are dependent on their spouse economically tend to be more unfaithful. This is particularly true in the case of men who are financially dependent on their wives/girlfriends. In contrast, women who make more money than their partners are not that likely to cheat.

An interpersonal relationship study conducted in 2008 reveals that while men flirt with an attractive woman easily, they are not tolerant to their wife flirting with other men.

The Journal for Social and Personal relationships published a study done in 2015 that revealed that there is a 42% chance of a person cheating on his or her partner.

Men tend to be affected by sexual infidelity, while women are more concerned about emotional infidelity, says a 2013 study.

Is Your Husband Cheating On Phone: Key Reasons For Cheating?

It goes without saying that infidelity causes irrevocable damage to a relationship. In fact, it is the key reason behind the marital divorce. Breakups in premarital relationships are also triggered by infidelity.

When a partner suspects infidelity, it can cause several negative impacts, including depression, anxiety, and domestic violence. In fact, nearly 25% of marriages are affected by infidelity. So, what causes this disastrous situation in relationships. Here are some important reasons.

1. Dissatisfaction with Your Partner

Sometimes people tend to have an affair because they find something lacking in their existing relationship. It can be the lack of affection or love or being attracted to a person other than their partner.

2. Being Bored

At times people enter into an affair for as simple reasons as being bored. The affair is their way to keep boredom at bay. This may be because they crave variety in their life. Men usually succumb to affairs because of this reason

3. Neglect

Partners try to make up for the lack of attention from their spouse by taking up an affair. Feeling neglected can trigger them to cheat on their partner

4. An opportunity

Many cases of men or women cheating on their partners is not because of some kind of dissatisfaction or planned act, but due to circumstances.

An individual may see an opportunity that they did not anticipate but want to take advantage of or they may be drunk or some other situation not under their control.

5. To Increase Self Confidence

For some individuals, infidelity is their way of boosting their confidence and ego. Though infidelity can cause irreversible damage to their personal life, some people use it as a way to improve their self-esteem.

6. In Retaliation

Anger plays a destructive role in many situations and this is true in relationships too. Individuals cheat just to punish their partner or as an act of revenge.

7. Commitment phobia

A lack of inclination towards being committed to a partner is another reason for infidelity. The low levels or absence of commitment to a partner can motivate an individual to cheat.

8. Sexual Desire

Desire is an important reason for infidelity. This may stem from the lack of frequent sex, sexual behavior or style. This is seen more prevalently in men than women.

How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On His Phone

There are certain signs that are clear cut indicators that your husband is cheating on cell phone. Digital media has made it easy for couples to cheat. Here are a few tell-tale signs:

Forever on the Phone                              

If all of a sudden, you notice that your husband is checking his phone for messages or texting, it is a sure sign of cheating. When a relationship is in the budding stage there is a frenzy of texts and calls which tapers off in the later stage. If you see your partner texting frequently and doing it secretively, it is a sign of cheating. And this is not through texting alone. Some use their tablets or laptops too. They have hidden apps for communicating with their new lover.

Separate SIM or phone

Smart cheaters use a different SIM or Phone to have a discreet communication. The SIM card is useful and not easy to identify as your husband can switch it without you being aware of it. This makes figuring out how to catch a cheating husband on his cell phone a bit difficult.

Cheating apps on phone

In order to catch him red-handed, you need to know what to check on his phone to see if he’s cheating. Look for cheating apps like Private Message Box, Ashely Madison, Viber, Vaulty Stocks and SnapChat. These apps hide the evidence of a cheating partner. The apps will not be visible in the application list of your phone and are password and PIN protected.

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse On Cell Phone: Different Ways to Track Your Partner’s Phone?

Now that you know the signs of a cheating husband or partner, you need not despair on how to catch a cheating boyfriend or a cheating girlfriend on the phone. There are effective ways to catch a cheating spouse. Here are some of them.

Unrecognized Calls

Rachel, 30 years

When her husband started receiving calls at all hours especially more during night, Rachel got suspicious. When she checked her husband’s phone, she found numerous calls from and to numbers that she did not recognize. She tried searching for the owner of the number through Google search.

Rachel’s husband had used initials or just a short pet name, which was difficult for her to identify. Sometimes a cheating partner may add his or her lover’s number to the contact entry of a relative or friend to hide them. She had to check the chat apps and messaging to confirm that her husband was cheating on her.

Emails and Text Message

Kate, 34 years

Kate found that her husband was coming home late from work frequently and gave excuses for not being with her. When she checked the emails and texts on his phone, she could not find anything suspicious. But she hit the mother lode when she checked the trash folder in his email and the deleted items in his phone.

Most people do not permanently delete all discarded emails, which stay as such for weeks. There are apps like Snapchat that share photos, videos, messages and texts temporarily, which is also a sure sign of cheating.

Location Sharing

Michael, 39 years

Michael was caught cheating on his wife when she used the location sharing feature on her iPhone. The couple had a family account for sharing videos, apps and music on their devices. This included the ability to identify the location of members of the family. If a device is not seen, it means that the person has turned off the feature, which is in itself incriminating.

Cell Tracking App

Glenda, 43 years

When Glenda suspected her husband was cheating on her, she decided to install a tracking app. mSpy was recommended to her by a friend. mSpy software helps tracking activities on cell phone through an account online, which you can access from any device that is internet enabled. Glenda was able to record all activities of her husband on her smartphone from any location. The software also helped in reverse lookup of phone numbers via internet connection.  You need not worry about how to remotely load spyware on cheating spouse phone. The software is easy to download and set up.

mSpy has several benefits which is why it is a popular software used to spy on cheating spouse cell phone. The various benefits include:

  • mSpy can find the precise location of a cellphone through GPS provided the phone is compatible with the software. You can locate the position of a cell phone via Google Map and find the proper location. Tracking the specific location of your spouse at any given time is possible. This is also helpful in tracking children and employees.
  • mSpy provides access to all text messages including those sent and received by a smartphone. The program has an inbuilt message recorder that records all details of the messages.
  • mSpy helps access all videos, photos and personal information like scheduled meetings and events in cell phone. This will help you to know about the audio files, videos and pictures that are streamed or downloading too.
  • The software can provide information related to call history. You need to just log into the account created at mSpy to get information on incoming, outgoing and missed calls and the numbers at any specific time.

Besides the above benefits mSpy is also cost-effective. The basic app version is available for $29.99 on a monthly basis and $99.99 annually. You can learn more about the tracking software for phone here.

FAQs on how to catch spouse cheating on cell phone

After gathering information from various research on cheating spouses, customer support team of popular spying apps, and interviews with Divorce Lawyers and psychiatrists, we have curated this list of frequently asked questions. We have answered these questions for you so that you can get answers to all your queries related to cheating on the phone.

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

mSpy is the best app to catch a cheating spouse, as it offers every feature you need to confirm that your spouse is cheating. The monitoring software functions in incognito form and has comprehensive logging properties. You will be able to remotely keep tabs on all activities going on in the smartphone of your partner.

How can I see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing for free?

You can use online free spy apps or software for remotely seeing the text messages of your boyfriend. The software silently records the data from the target phone and sends it to your device or the account you created in the software. Leading tracking software like mSpy have trial version that can be used for free for a short period of time.

How can you tell if your partner has cheated?

One of the important and incriminating signs that indicate your partner has cheated is their hiding things on their phone from you. They will not let you see the texts, contacts or emails and keep deleting texts, browsing history etc. all of which indicate they are cheating. Other signs include sudden mood shifts, losing interest in talking to you or being with you, an abruptly changed shift, lack of intimacy and more.

How do I track a cheating spouse?

Using a phone tracking software like mSpy is an effective way to track a cheating spouse. It has a comprehensive set of tracking features that let you track all the phone activities of your spouse without his or her knowledge.


When you see signs that strongly suggest that your boyfriend or husband is cheating, it is time to take action. The signs and ways mentioned above will help you take the necessary steps to confirm all your suspicions. One of the best ways to catch a cheating husband is on phone. The text messages, photos, audio files and emails will be incriminating enough to confront your partner about his actions.

While there are several methods present, as you can see in the ways mentioned above, using a reputed and cost-effective software like mSpy is the best way to deal with the situation. It acts remotely and records all activities that you want when you suspect your husband is cheating.

And it has a free trial version which you can use and check for the authenticity before you purchase it. Since it can track remotely and without your partner being any wiser about it, it is a good option to use. If you do confirm, makes sure you are well prepared to deal with the fallout when you confront your partner about the cheating.

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