How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You: Act Stealthily

In today’s digital world, online affairs have become more and more common. According to statistics, men are more likely to cheat  — around 20% of men have cheated being married. That’s why women may have suspicions about their men’s loyalty.

There are numerous tools and tactics to catch a cheating boyfriend. All of them vary in time and transparency. You may choose subtle techniques to read the indirect signs of cheating or go for heavy artillery straight away. 

No matter how serious or how long your relationship has been, every person deserves transparency. If you are wondering whether your boyfriend has cheated on you, here are a few ways to catch him cheating.

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Warning Characteristics of a Cheating Boyfriend

catch a cheating boyfriend

Some methods of catching a liar are quite new, while others have been known by many generations of women. You may already know what signs to look out for. Nevertheless, it is worth going over them again to be sure you do not miss anything.

He Stays Late at Work

You must have already noted the hours your boyfriend spends at his workplace. But are you noticing a sudden increase in his work hours? His dedication towards work has increased, and he is having frequent night shifts all of a sudden. Well, such changes might be a cause of concern if they occur without any promotion.

The reason for his affection towards his job might be because of his developing interest in a female colleague. The excuse of workload increment will let him spend more time with the lady without being questioned. That can be your first step in catching him cheating.

He’s Changed His Appearance

Every man has his own comfortable dressing sense. Occasionally, they do dress to impress, especially for the dates with their girls. The case they have suddenly changed their fashion preferences is an improbable one.

Your boyfriend might start wearing colors that are neither yours nor his favorite. Or maybe he started combing his hair differently or shaving his beard more often to look younger. You may also notice how he is upgrading his wardrobe now and then.

Men generally tend to impress women by their posh style and sophisticated behavior. So, if you think your boyfriend has started to dress differently, it might be possible that he has fallen for a woman.

He’s Giving Presents More Than Often

Receiving presents from your partner can genuinely make you feel special, and that is what a cheating boyfriend will want so that you’re never dubious about him. Recurring gifts without occasions are a way to keep you satisfied and shift your focus from him.

Gifts are sometimes the best means to distract women. Ladies often fall into this trap and get cheated by ignoring the warning signs.

You Have Your Sex Life Changed

A vital sign that a man is drifting away from his girl reflects through their sexual life changes. So, if you notice that your intimacy in the relationship has increased or decreased unexpectedly, this could mean that he is having a relationship with someone else.

There can be two scenarios. The first case can be your boyfriend’s disinterest in having sex with you. Your intimate relationship may notice a halt or decrement, and this can be because of him getting it elsewhere.

The second scenario is when his sexual needs abruptly increase. It can result from his affair with someone, leading to a surge in testosterone that makes him want it, now and then.

His Behavior Might Be Unstable

A feeling of guilt, an inability to balance both sides of his love life, a desire to please people he values, and a fear of being caught – all these can affect his mental stability to a certain extent.

If your partner starts behaving abnormally, gets irritated too often, and calms down too quickly, that should alert you. If he avoids long conversations with you, it might be because he’s incapable of tackling two relationships concurrently.

It may be that he wants to confess, but he’s unable to, as you’ve been together for long, or maybe because he is unsure about his feelings for the other girl. All these together can make him quite unstable.

He Accuses You of Being a Paranoid

catch a cheating boyfriend

Suddenly, all the blame is on you! It can certainly happen when a man tries to justify his withering feelings by accusing his long-loved partner of being paranoid.

Blaming you is his way of finding a reason to quit the relationship. It is tough to take all the blame, but you need to stay stable to see if your boyfriend is cheating.

He Is Not Present While Being Physically Near

Have you noticed any signs of absent-mindedness in your partner? Generally, a cheating BF will keep finding ways to either confess, break up, or escape to meet his new lady-love. And all these will immerse him into deep thoughts, making him absent-minded almost all the time. He might be physically present along with you, but mentally, he will always be in his own zone, figuring out his interests.

He Lies About His Relationship Status on Social Media

If you have been together for quite some time now, you would know whether he is hiding your relationship from his family or not. But apart from it, if his marital status on social media suddenly goes from ‘Committed’ to ‘Single,’ it might be disturbing.

Men tend to lie about their relationship to lure the women showing interest in them. The first step to take is to change down their relationship status in every social media account.

He Leaves His Wedding Ring Off Purposefully

You have been married for several years, and you have never heard any complaint regarding his wedding ring. But now, why is he leaving it back at home, before going out? It is another way in which a man will be able to lie about his status and can flirt with other women he might be interested in.

When you ask him about the reason, he might defend himself by saying that the ring is too tight or feeling itchiness while wearing it. If these are the excuses you’ve not heard before, it undoubtedly indicates that his intentions are not clean.

He Suddenly Takes Up New Occupations

Has he started going out too often because he claims to join a new activity? Men will tend to bring up excuses that will be hard to question so that they can spend more time out. Of course, if he speaks about the new hobby he has taken up all the time, it is not likely to be a myth.

Let us be more specific. If he eagerly describes the activity and jumps at any opportunity to speak about it, he is not lying. You may also notice him spending on different things, like sports equipment, for his new hobby. 

On the one hand, if you still have any doubts, you can tell him you would like to try engaging in it as well. On the other hand, taking up new occupations now and then might indicate that his need to stay out has increased, or he is meeting the lady of his interest in that club.

He Acts Differently

Tackling two relationships at a time can be cumbersome, and men often mix up the ways to treat each girl. So sometimes, you’ll notice him behaving very differently with you.

For instance, there is an abrupt change in his way of expressing affection, eating, sitting, and performing other daily activities. Apart from this, some changes in your partner’s behavior might be an effect of his growing guilt, and you may see that his affection or care towards you increases too much.

He’s on His Phone or Online More Than Usual

catch a cheating boyfriend

Do you notice how much time your partner usually spends on his phone? And now has that increased? If your boyfriend’s attraction to his phone is suspiciously high, it indicates a situation that shouldn’t be neglected.

When a man falls into a new relationship, he will continually text that person to be emotionally in her vicinity. And that will keep him glued to his cell. You might notice that he stays online till late at night and doesn’t want to share the reason for that. All these signs will urge you to see if he’s cheating on you.

He Hasn’t Taken Down His Online Dating Profile

Once you became official, you expected him to take down his online dating profile just like you did. But suddenly, you find that his profile is active. It can be that he has recently activated it, or he had never taken it down.

A man loyal to his partner will never need a dating app. But if he has it now, it is a definite sign that he has been either cheating on you or planning to do so.

If you notice that a dating app suddenly popped up on his phone after years of being together, you should get alarmed because this isn’t the sign of a faithful man.

He Suddenly Needs a Lot of Privacy

Generally, in relationships, partners tend to become so comfortable with each other that they hardly keep anything private. But, if you notice your boyfriend or husband is suddenly craving too much for privacy, it can be a sign that he’s up to something fishy.

You might notice that he doesn’t allow you to access his phone like he used to before. He might not show his emails either. He might continuously moan and groan about his need for privacy, something that you were not familiar with.

Every individual has the right to have a certain amount of private space, and he can decide who he would allow into that space. But if you have been a part of that space since long ago and are suddenly being told to leave him alone now, it might be a warning of having a cheating partner.

He Hides His Finance

Have you noticed your partner becoming very stealthy with his credit card bills and bank statements? It can be because he is spending a lot somewhere else, or to be more specific, on someone else. So, it is an essential sign to look for if you’re wondering how to find out if he’s cheating on you.

In order to win a woman, gifts are a must, and if your guy is planning to woo someone, he will undoubtedly spend a lot while taking her on dates to expensive places, going on long drives, or buying her new branded jewelry and clothes. All these transactions will reflect in his financial statements and let you know when to question him. Hence, he will try hard to keep his expenses secret.

He Picks Fights With You

A non-interested partner puts minimal effort into making your relationship successful. So, even petty issues will get him triggered, and he might start picking fights with you too often.

It will be a side effect of his confused mental state since he has to tackle two relations simultaneously. His anger and frustration will thus be at the peak, and he will shower it on you, as his affection has declined. 

This transformation of your man into a hypercritical personality could be because he doesn’t want to continue with you as he’s already got someone who gives him pleasure.

He Has Major Mood Swings

Stress, irritation, guilt, pleasure, and desire for intimacy — all these moods will frequently switch in your partner if he’s having an affair with somewhere else.

If you are a wonderful person and have always shown him only kindness, it is likely that he feels terrible about ditching you, and his upset mood will give you indications of it. When you reach out to talk, he might jump on you to hug and tell you what good a lady you are.

But then again, a small mistake in the kitchen will turn him furious, and he’ll blame you for not being able to keep him happy. On some days, he’ll ask for intimacy, and on others, he will express his disinterest in you.

Wild mood swings in men can be hard to handle, and they happen because of that one woman whose existence you didn’t even know about.

He Gets Overly Defensive When You Ask If He’s Cheating

If you had thought about him cheating on you, you must have confronted him. So, how was his response?

If a guy is loyal, he will deny your allegations. But that will be a genuine denial. He might get hurt; after all, no one wants to be accused of cheating, yet his way of refusal will be a proper one. 

Did you know that liars tend to repeat the same story over and over again? If he sounds as if he has rehearsed it, he is the one.

If he gets overdramatic and bursts out violently, it might be due to his intentions to wrap up the topic fast and indirectly pressurize you to believe that your suspicion is entirely wrong.

He Stops Saying “I Love You”

It is a consequence of guilt. A man aware of his misdeed will probably feel uncomfortable lying into your face by telling, ‘I love you.’

If he used to express his love frequently and now has tersely stopped doing so, it might indicate his feelings drying up, and he is trying to distance himself from you emotionally.

His Daily Routine Changes

Suddenly, your partner, who went to bed early, is now staying up late, scrolling through his mobile. A lazy man has started working out to your complete awe. He might stop calling you at scheduled hours, like lunch breaks, or before returning home. If suddenly, he starts getting out of his daily habits, you can expect something fishy going on.

You Smell Another Woman on Him

catch a cheating boyfriend

It may be that when he returns home, you get a different smell from his body. It could be a perfume that neither of you uses or a shower gel that is not from your bathroom.

These are definite signs that someone got too close to him. And hiding stuff like the smell of a person is quite tough. Thus, you can be sure of him cheating.

You Feel It in Your Gut

A woman’s gut feeling is very strong, and if something bothers you terribly and indicates deception, it is likely true. In such a case, carefully pay attention to your boyfriend’s behavior. If you notice steep changes, it could mean that your intuition is leading you in the right direction.

He Often Smiles at His Phone

It had happened to you too during the first days of your relationship. You know how a special person can make you smile. But such a behavior can be worrying if you see your partner doing so, and the person on the other side of the phone is not you. 

Smiling too often at his phone might mean that he has allowed someone a special place in his life, and now, texting her or watching her pictures makes him happy.

He’s Frequently Accusing You of Cheating

It is a terrible yet most common way that boys find to quit a relationship. He’ll simply blame you and walk away. After making a clean way to leave, now, he can be with the girl he desires. He’ll keep himself safe but will ruin your image. But remember, that is not how it should end.

He Suddenly Has a Password on His Phone

If he never had a password and was casual about you accessing his phone, a sudden change and a lock on his gadget should raise your vigilance. In this case, his behavior clearly indicates that he wants to hide something.

Your suspicion would get even stronger, especially if he refuses to share the password, or the reason he gives for applying a passcode on his phone sounds very lame and stupid. In such cases, use a ‘catch him cheating’ app to break through your boyfriend’s password and expose his unmasked face.

He No Longer Charges His Phone on the Table Beside Him

It might be utterly surprising to notice that your partner has changed his mobile charging spot from the bedside table to elsewhere. The sole reason behind this could be that he doesn’t want to leave his phone in an easily accessible area to hide things from you successfully. This unexpected change can be the reason for suspicion from your side.

The Bathroom Is Becoming His Favorite Place

Men will tend to be over-concerned about being caught cheating; hence they’ll try to wash out all possible pieces of evidence, like the smell of another woman’s perfume from their body. Thus, a cheating partner will spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Additionally, they might also shave and groom themselves too often.

Visiting the bathroom with the phone and spending a lot of time inside also indicates that your partner might be concealing something from you. He may even be using the bathroom to text another woman.

He’s Irritable AF

Again, being in two relationships simultaneously is not a cakewalk. So, frustration and irritation will naturally seep into your otherwise normal relationship. You might find your boyfriend remaining irritable all the time.

He doesn’t want to talk or eat and keeps on shouting for no reason. It can be because either he feels guilty or tired of his commitment towards you, and he wants to break free so that he can take forward his new relationship.

Zero Eye Contact

When a person is guilty, he’ll naturally try to avoid eye contact with the individual he’s cheating on. If your partner does the same, it means that he’s hiding something from you or being pricked by his guilty conscience. It is a symptom of a possible extramarital affair.

You No Longer Hear About His Co-Worker, Best Friend, or High School Bud

You might notice that he has stopped having frank conversations with you regarding his school pals or office buddies. It could be because he wants to avoid facing you or is afraid that he might leak out something amidst the conversation flow.

He Suddenly Pays More Attention to His Looks

Couples tend to become ignorant of their appearance once they feel secure in a relationship. But now, do you notice him frequently trying to fix his hair or stare at his own image in the mirror? No, it’s not self-obsession that has come up suddenly, but it could be a signal that he now has someone to impress. 

His Body Language Has Changed

In case you’re wondering how to catch a man cheating, pay close attention to his body language. Usually, every man has a particular body language that we all become familiar with after spending some time with them.

But a sudden change in your boyfriend’s walking or sitting stance might be a clear sign pointing towards his intention of appearing more sophisticated and gentlemanly to grab the attention of another girl he likes.

Sudden Change in His Music Taste

From rock to romantic or pop to jazz, a sudden abrupt change in your partner’s taste of music might be because he’s trying to master the kind of music his new crush likes. Having common music taste can make a woman feel attracted to a man, and maybe that is what your boyfriend is aiming to achieve.

Your Partner Shows No Interest in Your Relationship Future

Do you remember having deep conversations about your ideal house, your pets, and kids? But now, it’s all stopped, so unpredictably. Have you ever wondered why?

It could be because your boyfriend has no more interest in sharing his future with you as his partner. Maybe he has changed his future plans and is dreaming it up with someone else by his side.

How to Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend?

As a loving lady, you may be thinking about how to catch a cheating man? But thanks to advanced technology, you can calm, since there are ways you can do so.

mSpy — The Best App to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

catch a cheating boyfriend

mSpy is a great app to find out if your boyfriend is cheating. This professional spyware works in hidden mode on your partner’s device and can track his every movement. Using it, you don’t need to access his phone manually but can spy on him remotely. mSpy is currently one of the best Android and iPhone apps for cheating boyfriends.

Look at His Calls

This boyfriend checker app allows you to access his call logs and history. You can also see the incoming and outgoing calls on his mobile phone and all the details of a caller.

Look at His Text Messages

Once you install mSpy secretly on your partner’s device, you can easily read his text messages from your mSpy account. You can go through every message, even if it has been deleted from the target device. The data in your account will be updated every 5 minutes to ensure integrity.

Look at His Contacts

This boyfriend cheating app will allow you to see through the contact list on your man’s phone. Every contact added or deleted will be shown to you in the dashboard of your mSpy account, and you can find out if any new member got a place in this list.

Look at His Social Networks

Going through your partner’s social media is a great way to catch him cheating. mSpy will let you access all his social network accounts on his device and view his messages and media files, even if they have been deleted from his phone.

All this information will be stored and updated in your mSpy account, and you can access it whenever you want. Thus, you can peep into all the nasty plans your cheater boyfriend carries out in his social network.

Look at His Location

With mSpy’s real-time GPS tracking feature, you can monitor your partner’s location every time you log in to your account. So, it will let you know the places he frequently visits and whether he lies to you about his outing destinations.

Look at His Apps

It’s easy with this spying app to catch him cheating as you can easily access all the other apps installed on his phone. You can learn whether he has added any new dating app or has set up accounts on a new social media platform. You can remotely check every app on his device and also monitor his actions in these mobile apps.

Look at His Words With Keylogger 

mSpy is fantastic if you need to know how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating with an app.  It has a built-in Keylogger system to track every keystroke on the target device. It will not only help you track your partner’s keyboard activities but also let you break through his login IDs and passwords in many accounts.

Look at His Wi-Fi Networks

This ‘catch-your-boyfriend-cheating’ app lets you know about the Wi-Fi networks he has connected to. You can find out if there exists any suspicious network with a female name that he frequently uses for internet access.

Look at His Photos and Videos

The best thing about mSpy is that it lets you access all the media files stored on the target device, even if the original files are being deleted. You can now view all the photos and videos he would rather keep secret from you through your mSpy account.

Ask His Friends

If you are on good terms with your partner’s closest friends, they can be your right guide to find out if he’s having an affair elsewhere. It is the right way in case you’re wondering how to catch a cheating boyfriend for free. Men share a lot with their guy friends, but you can hope that they’ll be keen to help you out of a wrecking relationship in times of crisis.

Come Home at Odd Times When You’d Be Usually Out

If he brings the other woman home, this can be your best bet to catch him cheating. You can go out as per your usual routine and then wait a bit and come back when he doesn’t expect it to catch him red-handed. Since he’ll not be prepared to have you home at that time, you might find him in the middle of an act.

Try to Find Out the Truth by Talking

Confrontation is the best way of solving an affair, and generally, it can save a breaking relationship. Be calm and considerate, and try to conclude by talking out with your partner. It will also rule out any misconception that you might be having or help him confess quickly and apologize for his wrongdoing.

Hire a Private Investigator

catch a cheating boyfriend

This is an extreme step, where you can hire a private investigator, who will continuously spy on your boyfriend and report to you regularly. It’s expensive and may look like a waste of your money, in case your assumptions turn out to be wrong. Think twice before opting for this solution; instead, go for an affordable spying app like mSpy to catch your cheater boyfriend.

What to Do If You Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating?

If you caught him cheating, the truth might shatter you; but first, try to talk it out.  You should know the reason for his betrayal. Then it’s up to you whether you want to file a case or leave the spot. If he shows intense remorse, you can give him another chance. But I would personally suggest you investigate the cause and then decide whether things will ever fall back into place.

End Words

You are now armed against your boyfriend’s cunning and can easily detect his unfaithful conduct. However, it’s essential to analyze all the signs carefully before drawing any conclusions. If you see several signs matching, you can undoubtedly use the help of a tracker app like mSpy to catch a cheating boyfriend.


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