What Is the Winning Solution to How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Facebook?

It’s not always easy to catch someone cheating on Facebook. Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter is a huge help to cheaters, allowing their users to exchange everything from small texts to large media files and delete all the information in a matter of seconds. With such tools at your disposal, cheating on someone is easier than ever. We usually think that even if your partner cheats on you, there’s nothing really that can be done until and unless they confess to everything, and you take the rest of the decision.

But what if they never confront their betrayal? In that case, you will keep on getting deceived unknowingly and live in a fake imaginary world, thinking your relationship to be the most loyal and perfect one. In this article, I will tell you how you can secretly catch your partner if they are cheating on Facebook Messenger.

Signs Your Partner Cheating on Facebook

Below we have listed some signs of your spouse cheating on you over social media platforms like Facebook. So, if you come across these indications, do not hesitate to hack into their account and investigate if your partner is doing Facebook cheating behind your back.

They Receive Messages at Unexpected Hours and During Your Time Together

Usually, there are the least possible chances that your spouse would receive messages from colleagues or friends at unexpected hours or when you spend time together. If such an incident happens regularly, it is natural to get curious and want to know who is calling your partner so frequently. It is a clear signal that there is something wrong.

They Never Let You Use Their Phone

If they are annoyingly possessive with their gadgets and do not allow you to use them, something is going on. If your spouse continually keeps you away from their devices, the chances are higher than average that they are hiding something from you. They know they are committing misdeeds, and hence, are clearly afraid of getting caught cheating on Facebook or other social media sites. And that is going to happen should you try to access their phone or other devices.

They Quickly Put Their Smartphone Away When You Catch Them Using Facebook Late at Night

Many of us have a habit of sleeping late and using our mobile phones right before sleeping. But if you notice any startled behavior when you suddenly wake up at midnight and see your husband messaging another woman on Facebook or viewing other girls’ pictures, it is not normal. Especially if he shuts everything down and pretends that he wasn’t texting anyone, undoubtedly there is something fishy. The same is true for wives and girlfriends.

Their Gadgets Are Never Out of Their Sight

If he or she starts carrying their device along with them everywhere they go, including the bathroom, that is yet another signal. It might be a sign of Facebook cheating. You should be able to notice whether they are merely browsing their Facebook account or intensely trying to hide something from you. You might even find them drenched in a conversation with someone on social media enough to ignore your existence.

You Don’t Know the People Posting on Your Partner’s Wall

We all have random people on our friend lists. We don’t even remember, be it our coworkers or friends of our friends, who we added once. However, if someone unknown to you is posting all over your partner’s timeline, making intimate comments and inside jokes that you don’t get, consider it an alarming Facebook cheating sign.

They Blame You Whenever You Complain of Them Being Too Much Online on Facebook

A clear sign of something being wrong is that your partner will tend to get all offensive every time you try to express your suspicions. They might end up pointing towards your bad habits and blame you entirely whenever you complain about their excessive online presence on Facebook. Or they might not even show any interest in such conversations and end up ignoring you.

How to Catch Facebook Cheaters?

If you are worried about how to find out if someone is cheating on you via Facebook, you should use a professional spying app like mSpy to hack your partner or spouse’s Messenger. Here are some features of the mSpy app to help you out in catching FB cheaters.

Spy on Facebook Secret Conversations

There are plenty of tracker apps available online for Facebook Messenger and other IMs. Unfortunately, not all of them are that successful. Therefore, mSpy serves us as an example of an excellent and efficient application to catch the partners who use the Facebook secret conversations cheating technique. Facebook initially introduced the secret conversation feature for security reasons; however, people now use it for their wrong deeds.

mSpy is a useful app that helps track down all the messages from your partner’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing. So, by going through all the secret chats, you can get to know who your partner is dating behind your back.

Spy on Multimedia Files

Most of the girls come up with a common query asking, “My husband looks at other females on Facebook, what shall I do?” Well, in such cases, I would say that if you doubt your partner’s intentions while looking at other people, it would be essential for you to keep an eye on their multimedia files.

With the help of mSpy, you can access all the photos and videos stored on their device. You never know when you might discover the pictures of a different woman on your partner’s phone.

Additionally, this tracker app lets you view the media files exchanged during a conversation on Facebook. Thus, the spyware makes it easy for the wives and husbands to identify their disloyal spouses and helps those who wish to check on their girlfriends and boyfriends.

View Deleted Messages on Facebook

You can access and read every conversation on your partner’s device, even those they may have erased to remove any evidence against them. Make sure to enable the backup option in Facebook settings. Go to the archived messages section on Facebook settings, and check the box to view the archived or deleted messages.

Hack Facebook Password to Check All the Activities

Do you want to know how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook? You can do this easily by hacking their Facebook password using mSpy’s in-built Keylogger system. Right after installing enabling the Keylogger feature on the target device, you will be able to detect every keystroke of your partner’s.

Thus, based on these keystrokes typed, you will get to know the password to your girlfriend or boyfriend’s Facebook account. With such details, you will be able to follow all their activities performed on his device.

Other Features

Besides all the tracking options above, mSpy comes with a few more advantages to offer, including:

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Call logs. 
  • Text messages. 
  • GPS.
  • Social media activities.
  • Browsing history.
  • Frequent updates.

Steps to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook on Android

mSpy is the best app to help you if you are still in doubt about how to find out if your partner is cheating on Facebook. It will monitor your spouse’s activity inconspicuously for you, and you will need to spend only a few minutes with the target phone in your hands or none at all. There are certain steps to download and install mSpy on an Android phone. Follow this guide to know the process in detail.

Step 1. Get Your Subscription.

The initial step is to choose a subscription package. You need to select between the Basic and Premium packages based on your requirements. Both subscription types have amazing features, yet the Premium one has fewer limitations and gives you more advantages.

Once you have made the payment for the subscription, you will receive the login details and password for accessing your web portal. Keep in mind that you must select the ‘Android’ option to start the process after logging into your mSpy account.

Step 2. Download the mSpy App.

For downloading the app secretly, you must avoid using Google Play Store. So, opt for the second method. Go to the target device “Settings” and select “Security,” in which you will find the option of “Unknown Resources.” Enable this option, and then download the mSpy app. Once the file gets downloaded on the Android phone, click on it to open it.

Step 3. Install the mSpy App on the Target Android Phone.

After opening the downloaded file, the installation process gets started. Agree to all the requirements on the screen by clicking on “Next.” You might receive a notification saying, “Do Not Install This App,” yet go further and select “Install Anyway.”

After doing all this, open the app. You will get a license agreement that you need to accept. Also, you need to “Update Services” to get full access to your partner’s gadget.

Step 4. Register on mSpy.

In the last step, to freely use the app and start spying on your partner’s Android phone, you need to add the registration number, which will be there in step-3 of the online installation guide. Once you fill in this number, you can start spying on your spouse.

Steps to Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook on iPhone

If you are worried about how to catch someone cheating on Facebook, and he/she owns an iPhone, that appears to be an advantage. The mSpy app can work on iOS devices too.

So, to spy on your partner who uses an iPhone device, it might seem a bit complicated, but it is even easier than on Android. Follow this simple procedure to hack an iPhone device without jailbreaking.

Step 1. To install the mSpy app on an iPhone device without jailbreaking, you need to ensure that the iPhone backup is enabled. For this, go to “Settings,” then select “iCloud,” and after that, click on “Backup.”

Step 2. To get access without any physical contact with the target device, disable the two-factor authentication. You will need to log into appleid.com and go to “Security.”

Step 3. It is essential to know your partner’s iCloud ID and password. You can get the credentials in Settings>>Apple ID on the target iPhone.

Step 4. Your login credentials will be required when you visit www.mspyonline.com. After logging in, select the Apple platform.

Step 5. This step is optional. If there are several devices under one iCloud account, you will have to select the one you want to monitor. Remember to choose the iPhone with no jailbreaking option to play safe.

Step 6. Log in with your Apple ID and select “Verify.” When the name of the iPhone appears, click on “Proceed.”

Step 7. After completing all the above steps, you get the authority to spy on your partner on the mSpy web portal.

Try to Create a Fake FB Account

Are you unsure about how to tell if someone is cheating on Facebook? Before confronting the cheater is your spouse, it would be better to gather enough evidence against them. So, for doing so, one preliminary way is to create a fake Facebook account in some other name and send your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse a friend request.

Try to start a conversation with your partner anonymously and analyze how he acts and what his behavior is. By doing this, you will understand if he talks decently with random girls or tries to impress them in different ways.

How to Read a Cheating Partner’s Messages on Facebook Free?

Well, nothing good in this world comes for free. So, you should not expect to get an app in reading your partner’s Facebook messages entirely for free. However, few apps like mSpy offer you a 7-days free trial subscription plan so that you get an insight into its multiple features for a particular time.

But after this interval, if you decide to continue using mSpy to keep an eye on your target, you can purchase the Premium package of mSpy from their portal.

How to Read Your Partner’s Facebook Messages Without Touching Their Phone?

All this time, you must have been worrying about how to spy on the Facebook Messenger chat of your partner without physically touching his phone. Only the case of iOS devices: even if your partner is against you touching their phone, you can still get access to their Messenger chats through mSpy.

This app allows you to spy and catch FB cheaters without physically touching the target device; instead, use the iCloud feature.

If the iCloud backup is already activated, you need no physical access to the phone at all. The two-step has to be disabled on your partner’s iPhone. If that is the case, you can get direct access to his FB messages without touching his phone.

Monitor Your Cheating Spouse’s FB Messages by Keylogger

Do you suspect anyone of doing social media cheating? Well, in that case, now, without being much tech-savvy, you can spy on someone’s Messenger conversations using mSpy Keylogger. You must be wondering what a keylogger is. These are applications that can track and store any information typed on a keyboard.

When a password of a social media account, email, or any other site the person you are spying on uses, is entered through the keyboard, the Keylogger system records and stores it so that you can view it later. There are two types of keyloggers, as described below.

  1. Hardware Keyloggers:

These are tiny devices and look like a USB adapter that needs to be attached to the cable, connecting the keyboard with the PC. When connected to the PC, the device will scan and store all types of words automatically, including passwords to its internal memory. Later, you can simply connect the key logger to your PC and look over the collected data.

  1. Software Keyloggers:

As compared to the hardware keyloggers, the software counterparts are better, safer, and easier to use. There are fewer complications and limitations in using these. All you need is to access your partner’s device and install the app on his/her smartphone. The best part of using the software keyloggers is that it can be easily downloaded in Android and iOS phones and tablets.

mSpy Keylogger is embedded into the app, so all you will have to do to get the information you need after the installation is check the Keylogger section on the Control Panel in your account.

Monitor Apps and Browser History to Detect Encrypted Texts

There are many browsers and apps, including Facebook, that use encryption to encode every data so that adequate privacy and security can be ensured. However, advanced Facebook cheating apps like mSpy can help you break through end-to-end encryption and decipher the encrypted texts. Hence, you can now access the browsing history and other data from the target device apps through this spyware.

Use Text Messages Code Alerts to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook

Facebook has lately updated many features to manage conversations and messages. You can get text message code alerts on Facebook Messenger and choose which message is relevant for you to see and which one is vague. You can also filter the essential messages using the selected keywords.

It is now possible to do the same thing with someone else’s Facebook messages by setting up mSpy keyword alert. All you need to do is set up your keyword list on the Control Panel. This small and handy feature will help you decide how to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook or how to detect that your boyfriend is unfaithful.

What to Do If You Catch Your Spouse Cheating on Facebook?

After catching your partner cheating on you via Facebook, you will have a hard time coping with your own emotions. Think of it as the first thing to do after finding the truth, as this task will take your time. You will also need to consider continuing this relationship or breaking up immediately. When confronting your partner, ask them what the reason for their behavior was. After hearing them, you can make your final decision. Just keep in mind that a broken heart and shattered trust hardly ever get fixed, so choose wisely.


Well, broken relationships are everywhere to be found these days, and breaking someone’s trust has become quite a common issue. There is nothing immoral in discovering the truth of your relationship if your suspicions are grounded about your husband, or you don’t know how to tell if your wife is cheating on Facebook.

And for doing so, use a professional tracker app like mSpy that works with a high level of confidentiality. It is the most effective app to catch someone cheating on Facebook or other social media platforms.


What Is the Best Way to Catch a Cheater on Facebook?

You can catch Facebook cheaters using professional and reliable spy apps like mSpy.

If My Spouse Looks at Others on FB, Is It Considered Cheating?

It depends on the way your husband or wife sees others on Facebook, and if they are trying to make contact with them.

Will I See Deleted Messages on Facebook Using a Spy App?

Yes, many advanced spy apps, including mSpy, provide this feature of showcasing deleted messages or conversations.

If My Partner Is Flirting With Others on FB, Is It Worth Worrying About?

Undoubtedly, it is worth worrying about, and you should keep an eye on him through mSpy.

Does My Spouse Know That I Have Installed a Facebook Spy App?

No. Efficient Facebook spy apps like mSpy work in stealth mode, and there is no way your spouse will find out that you have installed such an app on their device.

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