Suspect Your Partner of Tinder Cheating? Here’s How You Can Bust Them by Using mSpy App

While swiping has become the new normal of modern dating life and a convenient way to find people with similar interests, it has also sucked out the actual romance from the relationships. People pick and choose their potential partners like they are on a shopping spree. Not to mention the pool of creepers you might stumble upon on Tinder. We’ve all seen the headlines.

Moreover, Tinder is also known to be the cheater’s bay. The mere existence of the app on your partner’s phone raises a ton of suspicious, and rightfully so. According to Science Direct, around 18-25% of Tinder users already have a partner or are in a committed relationship while actively using Tinder. Not very promising statistics, are they? It certainly doesn’t improve the reputation of the already infamous “hook-up” app. 

Are you also suspecting that your loved one might be a frequent guest on the app? Before slapping them on the wrist and shouting the accusatory “Cheater!”, you need to find some evidence that will turn your theory into a valid reason to be mad and hurt. Cheating on Tinder is very easy to detect if you know what to look for. And that is what I’m gonna help you figure out today.

3 Subtle Signs of Tinder Cheating

Before diving into the most common signs of a Tinder cheater, keep in mind – the fact that they have Tinder installed doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating. Maybe they never even use the app. However, if you notice that your partner is showing more than one sign from the list, you should probably pay closer attention to your relationship. Usually, cheaters follow certain behavioral patterns when they are trying to cover up their affair. The longer the affair is happening, the less careful the cheater is, and the easier it is to notice them. I guess not being caught gives them a confidence boost and they start thinking they are smarter than everyone else. 

Let’s look at the list of the most common cheating habits that might give away their secret Tinder adventures.

He/She Is Glued to the Phone and Hides the Screen from You

If your significant other has been unusually attached to their phone recently, chances are high is because they are chatting with people online. That’s not a bit deal, right? Well, it can become one if they start being sneaky about it. Like covering the screen or sitting away from you, so you don’t see what they’re doing on the phone. Either they are preparing a surprise for you, or there are some far less pleasant things being kept away from you. 

He/She Is Showing an Unusual Love for Selfies

What if your partner has never been a selfie enthusiast but has suddenly taken a liking to snapping pictures on a daily? Granted, they might have had a change of heart or a boost in their confidence, but most likely, they are taking those photos for someone else. Someone else who is not you, apparently. Keep an eye on their social profiles for a bit. Are they posting those pictures somewhere? If not, where do you think they are going?

He/She Becomes Obsessed with Their Appearance

While there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to look good and taking care of yourself, a sudden change in the way they view their appearance can be a warning sign. There are a few reasons why people start going the extra mile about their looks. There might be a big event coming like a friend’s wedding, homecoming, or someone’s birthday. Maybe they’ve decided to change their life a bit and started with their looks. Or perhaps they are having an affair and they want to look good for their lover.

The Most Common Reasons for Tinder Cheating

People have always cheated. And other people have always tried to figure out why. Psychologists have dedicated their entire careers to studying the mindset of a cheater to find possible patterns that prove some people are inclined to being unfaithful more than others. While every relationship is different and the motives for cheating can vary a lot, there are still a few common reasons why people in a relationship would casually use Tinder.

Issues with Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance 

One of the most common reasons for people to cheat on Tinder is their lack of self-confidence. If the person doesn’t feel wanted in the relationship or is looking for a way to validate themselves as a man/woman, good lover, etc., Tinder is an easy way to do so. They might not even engage in conversations with other users. Just the pure realization that people are finding them attractive and are swiping right can please their ego quite well.

Just Having Fun

The excuse I’m sure you’ve heard before. “I’m just doing this for fun, it’s nothing serious.” Luckily, a lot of the times it actually is nothing serious and the person is just doing it for pure entertainment. But who knows how many of those “fun” quests have turned into actual affairs.

Uncertain about the Current Relationship

Lastly, it is possible that your relationship is not doing that well and your partner doesn’t feel so sure about your future anymore. If that’s the case, they might go on Tinder in search of possible future prospects or to distract themselves from the current situation. 

How to Detect Cheating on Tinder with mSpy

Knowing about the possible signs of Tinder cheating is great, but how can you really be sure that your partner is being unfaithful? The obvious answer is that you have to get access to their Tinder messages and see it for yourself. Now, not everyone is a stealth master who can get their hands on somebody’s phone without them suspecting a thing. And that is where spying apps come to the scene. 

What is a spying app? It is basically a monitoring software that tracks various activities on the device and displays them in the control panel of the app. The biggest selling point of such applications is that they are undetectable on the tracked device and the user will have no idea something has been installed on their phone.

One app in particular that has caught my attention is mSpy. Although it is marketed as parental control software, a significant number of customers have found another use for it – catching a cheating spouse. And judging by user reviews, the app does the job well.

With its help, you can read someone’s chat messages from many popular social platforms, including Tinder, without having to actually touch the target device. You will also be able to view the GPS location history, so you can instantly find out whether your partner is lying about their whereabouts. Another great thing is that even if the messages are removed from the phone itself, they will still be available in your control panel. They won’t be able to cover their tracks anymore.

Cheating Tinder App: mSpy App Tracks Your Spouse’s Activities

If you’re doubting whether this app will be helpful to you, let’s take a closer look at mSpy and what information it can dig out for you. Besides the obvious GPS tracker and text messages monitoring, it offers quite a range of features:

  • Call logs. You can view all incoming/outgoing calls, their duration, timestamps, and contact details.
  • Messaging and social apps. You get access to all of the most popular social apps like Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram. Chat messages, shared media files, profile activity, liked posts – all of this will be available in your dashboard.
  • Keylogger. Keylogger is an amazing feature that allows the software to record every keystroke on the device. So, you’ll be able to see everything that was typed on the phone, including the messages that were typed but then erased and never sent as well as all input passwords.
  • Blocking. You can block unwanted contacts or websites remotely through your dashboard. 
  • Keyword alerts. There is an option to set up keyword alerts. You need to input trigger words (i.e., someone’s name, or the words “my wife/husband”, “meet up”, “I love you”, etc.) and the app will notify you when any of the words have been used in messages or searches.
  • Geo-fencing. Add restricted areas on the map and mSpy will send you alerts when the device’s location was tracked in the restricted area. This feature will help you know whether your partner lies about their location. 

Cheating on Tinder: What You Need to Start Tracking Their Tinder Activity

If you’ve read the post this far, then you’re most likely about 90% sure that your partner is a cheater. Not knowing whether you’ve been betrayed or not is mentally exhausting and can significantly spoil mental health. Getting a tracking app can put your mind at ease and put an end to cheating on Tinder. If you’ve decided to go for it and use a spying app, you’ll need to do a few things to make sure your mission is a success:

  • Get the app. I’d recommend getting mSpy, but you can look through other alternatives to find the app that would suit your purpose the most. Just make sure to go for the one that has a decent number of legit reviews and steer clear of online hackers as they will most likely be a scam.
  • Make sure the target device is connected to the Internet. Obviously, is the phone is completely offline, you will not be able to sync it with the app and extract any data. 
  • Install the app. mSpy can be installed on the phone remotely. As soon as you log in to your control panel online, you should be provided with clear instructions on how to set it all up. But I would suggest talking to their support team first as they will be able to guide through the whole process.
  • Start spying. Once everything is done, it is just a matter of time for the cheater to give themselves away. And now that you have a pile of evidence, you can bravely confront them and get them to come clean about everything.

Some might think that resorting to spying is immoral and wrong. But so is cheating. If your gut keeps telling you that something is wrong with your relationship and you don’t see any other way to get the truth out, just go for it. There is a chance that you won’t even find anything and your suspicions were wrong. But when you do find the proof of cheating on Tinder, you’ll be glad that you’ve decided to give it a shot.

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