What to Do to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

If you are in a situation when you want to track your wife’s phone, it means you don’t know for a fact if she’s loyal to you or not. And finding that out can be quite a challenge in our digital world. On the one hand, we have all these social media apps opening all these communication and collaboration doors for us. On the other hand, they are often used by cheating wives who are having extramarital affairs.

You may be searching for phrases like ‘track my wife’s phone without her knowing’ or ‘find my wife’s phone location’ on Google. If so, you have already gone beyond the point where you can probably have a civil conversation about it. It is an unfortunate situation, but the good news is that there are ways to track your wife’s cell phone without her knowledge. This isn’t to invade her privacy but to ensure your peace of mind, whether she’s loyal to you or not.

One of the first signs is your wife becoming possessive about her phone. She keeps her devices to herself and is reluctant to share them even for a genuine reason. Moreover, she may also start to act strangely and become physically and emotionally distant to you as the days go by. It’s not on purpose, but her attention is on someone else. You are no longer the center of the universe for her.

How to Track Wife’s Cell Phone Using mSpy Without Her Knowing?

When the red flags of cheating appear, you can’t stay silent and do nothing about it. You want to find out what’s happening, and you want to get to the truth as soon as possible.

That’s when a complete cell phone monitoring solution such as mSpy can aid you. It is an affordable and user-friendly spy app that works in the target smartphone background, collecting all the data, and delivering it to you through a web portal. The owner of the target phone never realizes that they are being monitored.

The mSpy app is compatible with both smartphone operating systems, including iOS and Android, and you can install it on cell phones and tablets. You don’t need to install the app on your own cell phone as you can track the target phone and find our wife’s location online using a remote web portal, which can be accessed from anywhere. 

When you sign up, you are provided with the web portal credentials, which you can change later on. Some of the top features of mSpy are as follows.

Monitor Your Wife’s Online Activity

How can I track my wife’s cell phone? It is one of the first things you ask yourself when you suspect your wife of being unfaithful. mSpy is the solution you need as it provides you with complete details about your wife’s online activities, including the websites she visits and apps and services she uses. Reviewing the information can nudge you in the right direction, whether you are right about your suspicions or not.

Track Your Wife’s Location

When your wife is cheating on you, you hear a variety of excuses from her explaining her absence. It is time to stop thinking, “Where is my wife now?” and control the situation yourself. Typing “locate my wife’s iPhone,” “locate my wife’s Android phone,” and “find my wife” in Google is not the way out. You will come across the numerous online services prying the personal details out of you. 

The mSpy app once again gives you the solution with its built-in location tracking, which enables you to monitor the phone’s geographical location. Not only that, but you can also view the places your wife has been to and the paths she has followed with the timestamps. You’ll figure out the truth in a matter of minutes.

Track Your Wife’s Calls

If your wife is cheating on you, she can’t avoid exchanging calls with her boyfriend regardless of how cautious she is. You know in your heart that she is not straight with you, but you feel helpless: you can’t confront her because you lack evidence. 

With mSpy, you get access to the call logs along with phone numbers, contact names, call duration, and timestamps. This is how you have a way to know who your wife is talking to. You can check out the most frequently dialed numbers.

Track Your Wife’s Text Messages

If your wife is being sneaky about her texts and doesn’t let you in on her secrets, there is a chance she’s having an extramarital affair. We all know those sheepish smiles. You do not have to wait for the moment to find your wife’s phone and check its content every time, though. 

Fortunately, mSpy enables you to see all the texts she has sent and received with phone numbers and timestamps. What’s even better, you can also see those text messages that she has deleted. The cheaters tend to remove those very quickly.

Track Instant Messengers

Instant messengers make our lives so much more convenient. Unfortunately, they are also the best retreat for a large number of cheaters, especially the privacy-centric apps like Snapchat and Tinder. They literally pave the way for unfaithfulness removing all the records. 

Thankfully, mSpy will keep all the deleted history of the texts occurring on all the IMs, including Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. Whatever your wife is using to make dates with her new crush, she won’t be able to hide it from you. This information will be really helpful in stopping her from fooling you.

Track Social Media Apps on Her Cell Phone

Apart from IM apps, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more can be an excellent cheating tool for your wife. The mSpy app has the Keylogger feature, which means it keeps a record of all the keystrokes your wife makes on her phone. 

With that information in your hands, you can figure out her social media credentials and see if she has been disloyal to you. Hacking social media accounts with mSpy is quite straightforward, and you don’t need any high tech software knowledge.

Track Your Wife’s Emails

Although emails are no longer a preferred medium of personal communication and have more use in the professional sphere, you never know. Your wife could be using it for that exact reason to be sure you won’t suspect anything. And in any case, you need to exhaust all sources before you are sure. With mSpy, you get access to your wife’s inbox and sent emails, and even deleted ones. 

View Your Wife’s Contacts

When you believe your spouse might be cheating on you, you want to check all of her contacts, but it’s not that easy as she is possessive about her phone. The mSpy monitoring solution gives you complete access to your wife’s contact list so you can review every single one. You can check the call logs against the contacts to see which number she’s been talking to most frequently. This will help you reveal if it really is a close friend or colleague.

See All Media Files on Your Wife’s Phone

People who have affection for each other share photos and videos regularly – this is true for friends and lovers. If your wife is exchanging memes, clips, and other things with one of her contacts, that alone should raise your suspicion. It also matters if those pictures are innocent or dirty, not to mention that she and her new crush can have shots together. 

However, since your wife is too protective of her phone, it’s not easy to see her media files. The mSpy app has yet another ready solution for you by providing you with unlimited access to all the media files stored on the target device. You can see all the pictures, images, GIFs, and videos, regardless of the format, and see any evidence of your wife cheating on you.

Steps to Track Her on Android

Here is what you need to do if your spouse owns an Android device.

1. If your wife has an Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, you will need possession of the target phone for at least up to five minutes to install the app. Once the app is installed, there will be no icon or any other trace left on the phone.

2. Download the bt.apk file on the target device, launch it, and follow the steps until you see congratulations on successful installation. Remove the file and clear the browsing history.

3. Now you can start using the web portal with the given credentials to monitor your wife’s online activities.

Once you have the information, you need to establish her loyalty, or otherwise, you can uninstall the app from the web portal directly.

Steps to Track Her on iPhone

Does your wife use an iPhone? Then here is what you do.

1. There is no need to install mSpy. You won’t even need possession of the device in most cases, because the iPhone stores all the data in iCloud. You will need to get her iCloud credentials, though.

2.   Now, you will need to enter her iCloud credentials in the form in your mSpy account and wait for confirmation. 

3. Once done, you can start using the web portal to monitor your wife’s online activities.

Find Out What Your Wife Has Been Looking at Online for Free

If you are searching to track my wife’s phone for free, you can use the free version of mSpy. If she has removed her browsing history, you can still see the websites she has visited. However, if you want to see what she’s deleted after viewing, you will need to sign up for the paid version, which is quite affordable, given the number of features you get.

This will help you understand if your wife has been loyal to you or not. It is an emotionally challenging experience, and you don’t want to keep dealing with the uncertainties.

Find My Wife for Free

If you are looking to track your wife’s live geographical location through GPS for free, you can use Google Maps. That said, she will need to give her permission to send her real-time location for that to work. And if she’s cheating on you, there is a fat chance that she’ll give that permission.

Alternative Way to Track GPS Location on iPhone

You can also use third-party free apps, like Phone Tracker for iPhone: GPS. This app that we use to set an example can be found on the App Store and shows past routes and real-time location. What is more, you can even use it for iPods. 

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that some of them pose security and privacy threats. Apart from that, they are not reliable and are loaded with low-quality ads since the developer is trying to make some quick money.

Alternative Way to Track GPS Location on Android

You cannot rely on most free GPS location apps from the Play Store, either. Yet again, your privacy and security are at stake with such apps, and since it’s an open-source operating system, there are more exploits.

It is usually enough to look at an app rating to know whether you should try it. GPS Phone Tracker for Android is worth your attention. It has been rated by nearly 300,000 users at the moment and can be found at the top in the tracker apps list in the Play Store. The device owner can easily remove this app as it will be whitelisted on Android 9+.

Final Words

When your marriage and reputation are at stake, and you don’t know if your wife is loyal to you, it is a devastating experience. However, the best course of action is to find out the exact truth. Be sure about what is going on instead of overthinking and getting anxious about the situation. Track wife’s phone with the mSpy app, get access to all the information to verify whether your wife still belongs to you.


What Is the Best Way to Track a Cheating Wife?

mSpy, without any doubt. Of all the market leaders among the mobile spyware, it offers the best value for price.

If My Wife Is Lying About Her Location Is It Worth Worrying About?

Unfortunately, yes. This could be a sign that she’s not loyal to you. But to avoid blaming her without a cause, you should use mSpy.

If My Wife Visits Adult Sites, Is It Considered Cheating?

Visiting adult sites is not considered cheating. However, it means that your wife is not satisfied with her sexual life and might start looking for an affair with another man.

If My Spouse Is Flirting With Other Guys, Is It Worth Worrying About?

Actually, yes. Flirting is the gateway to cheating, and if your partner is engaging in such behavior, you need to watch out.

Does My Wife Know That I Have Installed a Tracking App?

No. These apps work in digital camouflage without raising alerting the device owners.

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